Driving down the cost and
carbon footprint of AI & data

We understand that growth in the data center market is no longer sustainable and continues to significantly contribute to CO2 emissions. Data centers, which enable AI and cloud computing, account for 3.7% of the global carbon emissions today (similar to the whole air industry) and the number is rapidly growing every day.

The cost of training BERT on a GPU in carbon emissions is roughly the same as a trans-American jet flight.

According to Cornell University

The CO2 emissions of training an AI model are almost 5x higher than car manufacturing and fuel consumption.

According to Glenngow

The average waste of server's processing time is 80%.

According to 2019 NRDC study

Why InoCloud?

Everything we do in the digital space consumes energy. Last year, the data centers, which run all cloud services, accounted for over 3% of the worldwide energy consumption.

And this number is growing every year by 15%. As the trend continues, by 2040 almost 40% of global electricity might be consumed by cloud.

InoCloud is addressing the ever-growing need for computing and data in a sustainable way, which is great for people and the climate.

We aim to provide carbon-neutral computing for HPC (High-Performance Computing), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Cloud by developing and operating a network of universal computing centers at scale.

Prodigy processor


We power our services with bespoke Prodigy processors from our partner Tachyum, the flagship in delivering cost-efficient computing. Employing Tachyum’s universality and homogeneity, we maximize utilization and drive down the total cost of ownership for our clients in HPC, AI & Cloud workloads.

Combining superior hardware, smart data center designs, green energy mix, recycling and versatility of our software stack, we deliver our services globally to our customers at a price/performance ratio currently unbeatable on the market.

Adrian Vycital

Adrian Vycital

CEO of InoCloud

InoCloud will provide energy-efficient computing for corporations and governments as a part of their sustainability strategies. Data processing has a significant carbon footprint and we address this issue with InoCloud higher performance, fewer emissions, and better price. Increasing performance to power ratio and using renewable energy as an only source of power and adding recycling facilities to the cycle, we create a global circular economy project in the area of digital infrastructure.

Partners and Alliances

Tachyum is disrupting data centers, HPC, and AI markets by providing the world’s first Universal Processor, with industry leading performance, cost and power, across all three computational domains, while, at the same time, enabling data centers to exceed the capacity of the human brain. Tachyum, Co-founded by Dr. Radoslav Danilak, and its ...

I4DI - Innovations for Digital Infrastructure is an association established in 2020, developing European solutions for digital infrastructure with co-founding companies PosAm, Towercom, IPM Group, InoCloud and Tachyum. Other members include global giants such as Seagate or the Slovak VNET and Sylex. I4DI has already formed a partnership with the ...

The National Competence Center is part of the EuroCC project, which consists of a network of 33 National Competence Centers for HPC in Europe. The mission of the National Competence Center is to promote the use of HPC in science and industry and to increase the competencies of its users. Clients of the National Competence Center (NCC) gain ...